How Container desiccant 1200g do their work

Container desiccant 1200g mainly depends on its internal water-absorbing material for the absorption of humidity and moisture inside the container. This absorbent material reacts quickly with moisture in the air and absorbs it into it. At the same time, when the humidity decreases, the absorbent material inside the Container desiccant 1200g will release some moisture to maintain a proper humidity level.


Significant of Container desiccant 1200g product

Container desiccant 1200g is a high-efficiency humidity conditioner, which can be used in the interior of containers in sea, air, and rail transportation. It can effectively absorb the moisture in the box and prevent the goods from becoming moldy, deteriorating, and rusting. This product has extremely strong humidity regulating ability and moisture absorption speed.


Which factor will affect the effect of Container desiccant 1000g

Due to the characteristics of containers and the differences in climate in various places, there is always a demand for desiccants. Essentially, the temperature change creates a condensation effect. This article will describe the factors that affect the use of Container desiccant 1000g.


Advantages of shipping Container desiccant 1000g compared to common desiccants

The use of sea freight Container desiccant 1000g can minimize the risk of moisture in the export of goods. Shipping Container desiccant 1000g is a new type of high-efficiency environment-friendly moisture-absorbing desiccant. It is different from ordinary container desiccants on the market. The shipping container desiccant has a moisture absorption capacity that exceeds that of ordinary desiccants. The moisture absorption rate is as high as 300%, and it can continue to absorb moisture for 90 days, so that your cargo can be kept dry and safe throughout the container voyage.

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